The Royal Family murdered, the palace in ruin. The Council of Twelve, now ten with the execution of the High Priests of Hyesis, have taken control of this crumbling Kingdom. The Order of Obus once judicators of balance and law, now converted zealots marauding through the lands under the pretense of divine retribution. The cobbles of market squares are charred black with witch burnings, great Magi now branded heretics and betrayers. The borderlands are soaked in blood as the beserkr men of Gothrine push back across . The Elves have retreated to their glades and the Dwarves to their great halls of stone. Many have turned to banditry, and the Black Legion once held back by the forces of men have started to move.

You the Company of the Wilted Tree, a mercenary band, have been driven back as the local lords fear your new found power in the wake of collapse of the empire.

Book of the Wilters